downWorld Trading System

downWorld recently introduced a new trading system.  It’s simple and easy to use (genius, really).

See an item you like?  Click the Buy button.  Before you confirm your purchase, you’ll see an added feature asking if you’d like to “trade an item for shop credit?”  Pick trade.  If you have an item in your inventory worth gems, then you’ll be able to exchange it for your desired item.  See the steps below for a visual explanation:

Step 1: Pick A Trade

Trade an item for shop credit?  Click Pick a Trade!

Step 2: Pick item to trade

If you have an item worth gems in your inventory, then you can choose to trade credit for the desired item.
I chose to trade 1 of my Eclipse Battle Boxes for 18 credits.

Step 3: Confirm Purchase

Instead of paying the 200 gems for the Cryolite Set, you now pay 182 gems.
This is because I chose to trade my Eclipse Box for 18 gems.

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